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Don't see a solution category that addresses your pain point? Leveraging AH Consulting's core competencies, foundational frameworks, and experience, we can create a Statement of Work that focuses on exactly your need.

Our 5-step process.

Our signature framework development approach is simple and thorough, making it easy for clients to internalize which is an essential part of our collaborative engagement. The 5-step process is typically executed in time-boxed cycles (agile-aligned "sprints") and repeated as needed to address all focus areas included in the scope of the engagement for targeted frameworks. Clients begin realizing the value from this engagement after the first day as they begin to have a shared understanding of the organization's purpose and value proposition -- and how everyone fits into the picture. Energy rises and excitement sets in! We gain momentum. Our statement of work  context sets the stage for an efficient engagement!

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Value Delivery Alignment

We start by confirming our client's underlying value proposition (purpose) and relevant domain context. We select focus area(s) targeted for the engagement scope, to get everyone on the same page.

The first step is talking to the executive team, key leadership and stakeholders to assimilate, synthesize, and reconcile disparate information into a structured graphical view. In addition to leadership alignment, this will also show functional breakdown of a focus area for more detail discussion and organizational impact assessment.

The process is streamlined and efficient. The deliverable is a graphical view that is easy to understand big-picture impacts and dependencies across the organization and suitable for all audiences.


Roles and Responsibilities

Within the focus area defined, it is now time to create manageable frameworks for the identification and assessment of risks, high level use cases, and underlying methodology. We then assign collaboration roles, responsibilities, and key activities in order to be assessed and discussed efficiently throughout the remainder of the engagement. This includes the intended roles of enabling technology. We use/teach RACI modeling in a streamlined and efficient manner for this exercise and deliverable.

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Workflow Visualization

Next we create a different perspective: graphical views by deriving workflows from steps 1 and 2 outputs to identify key factors that would help you refine your use cases, workflows, collaboration, methodology, sequencing of processes, and deliverables. These graphical views will be beneficial to the company for both communicating within the organization and with customers.


Other Focus Areas

Identify other areas to focus on based on what we've learned so far. This allows for a deeper level of impact across the organization in areas that may not normally work together or share insights or best practices. Repeat 1 - 3 for all targeted focus areas.

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Finalize Frameworks

To fully realize the newfound value from the engagement, the final phase takes the insights and findings from the work completed in step 1 - 4 to package all framework deliverables contained in the engagement into a Playbook.

Additional deliverables may include: Leadership Alignment & Playbook Training, Employee Onboarding/Training Alignment and Curriculum Design, and Ongoing Implementation Coaching/Guidance.

Our client is optimally positioned to lead the charge with implementation in alignment with the framework. Shared knowledge, including new ways of working, that is gained during this engagement stays with the organization.

Does this sound like you?

If you are ready to set the stage for success with the right partner and expertise, you are on the right track to develop YOUR Framework that simplifies the complex, provides clear understanding, ensures alignment, and seeds confidence in the path forward!

Our Mission

We help clients harness the complexity of decisions, overcome obstacles to success that clients didn't know existed, define pathways for success, and manage risks so they can make sound choices.
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